About North Macedonian school


OOU “Lazo Angelovski” is situated in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. It was built in 1988 and is under the jurisdiction of Municipality Aerodrom. The total number of employees is 104, 88 teachers, 5 school advisors (counselors) and 1 school librarian. The number of students in this school year is 1453 (VI-IX grade: 6-15 years old)

OOU “Lazo Angelovski” has been a pilot school for many national projects over the years, such as: Civil education, Active education, Computer for every child, project for integrating ECO content into education, Entrepreneurship and Inclusion. Our school is a model Inclusive school since 1990, Eco School (Green flag award) and a model Entrepreneurial school since 2016, awarded by SEECEL (http://www.seecel.hr/isced-2-12033). Our school was awarded the award “The most digital school” from Macedonia, as part of the Erasmus+ KA201 project “Digital School Contest-DISCO”. The project aimed to develop a programme of initiatives on ICT integration in education to promote innovation, exchange of experience, good practices and know-how between different types of organisations involved in education. (https://digitalschools.eu/en/). 

Our previous KA101 and KA219 projects focused on ICT and PBL which led to enriched learning environment that enabled students to become actively involved in the learning process and enabled teachers to personalize and adapt the activities to the students’ learning styles, learning strategies and skills through the use of digital tools and resources. Since 2016 we have 3 eTwinning ambassadors in our school and in 2017, we became eTwinning awarded school

(https://live.etwinning.net/profile/school/167407). We have 43 eTwinning projects and teachers have received several NQLs and EQLs for different projects. /Ljubica Ruzhinska/


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