About Romanian school


The Mihai Eminescu School is a concerted, mixed and secular school founded in 1897, located in the centre of Alexandria, nearby Bucharest. Though it is situated  in a historical building, the educational process has a modern approach.

The school has primary and secondary education. It offers an integral, technical, humanistic and social personalized education, based on respect, responsibility and culture of effort in order to give academic excellence. It has about 650 students from 6 to 14 years old . In the last five years we have started an important project of methodological, organizational and technological transformation, to improve the quality of the education we offer to our students, according to the characteristics and needs of today’s society.

To fulfill our goal, the school collaborates with the Organization  “Save the children ”, participating with activities in the “Global campaign for education” – which ensures the right of education for all the children. Another project: “ Teenagers, rights and laws”-“Children’s legal education”, which helps the students to understand the law that they must respect and their rights which protects them. Also, we offered them support to develop abilities which allow them to have a better control on their lives, to assume responsibility for their own actions and to have an active role in the local community.

We are also concerned in the improvement of teacher experience to apply the acquired digital competences, in the classroom and in extracurricular activities:
-We have a computer club called “Kids in Tech” where our students work on  coding, robotics like Mblock,, Arduino,  Micro bit, Edison
-Starting from 2018, we are partners in the Erasmus + ka 229 project ,,Schools Coding Robots Meeting” where we used computer tools in education, including the introduction of robotic educational products and coding into education to enable our teachers to use coding programs and various robotic kits in the teaching process.

Our school is interested in helping students acquire general skills, form values and attitudes that enable them to adapt to an evolving society, interested in respecting the child’s rights and stimulate their innovative thinking. /Mihaela Cristina Ciofalca/


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