Digital school newspaper “Klinček” was presented to partners on the first day of Erasmus + exchange

The presentation of digital school newspaper Klinček marked the start of the first exchange for Erasmus+ project “Young journalists of today, responsible digital citizenship of tomorrow”. In the school library of the host school teachers from North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Spain read few articles from “Klinček” that caught the attention of the public.

Erasmus+ teams from North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Spain and Croatia

One of the articles was the comment of student Luka Miklečić to the article from “Večernji list”, the most read newspaper in Croatia. In that article, the journalist from “Večernji list” broke the journalist codex. Without the need, he has mentioned the nationality of a housekeeper who has stolen some items from the apartment of the mother in law of former president Ivo Josipović. Under the title “Luka gave ethics lessons to journalists and editors”, “Večernji list” made a review of the comment from “Klinček”.

During the presentation of “Klinček”, it was said that the digital school newspaper started at the end of 2013 and by then 740 articles were published, which is about 105 texts per school year.

-We didn’t develop our school newspaper as a year magazine and alongside school activities and achievements of our students we have tried to write about problems and various topics that interest our students. We write about topics connected to media and civic education, through our texts we try to inform, educate and entertain our students – that was emphasized by Stojanka Lesički, the editor in chief of “Klinček”.

Song “Welcome my friend” was performed by ex-students Klaudije Mažar, Mihaela Miklečić, Ana-Marija Nemčić and Jasmina Funtak

After the presentation of the digital school newspaper, guests from partner schools have watched 3 films made by film section from elementary school St. Petar Orehovec. One of the films was about the last Erasmus+ project of the host’s school. More about that project is available on blog

The first exchange participants were only teachers from partner schools because the goal of the exchange was to communicate the most important information needed for establishing the digital school newspaper.

Erasmus+ corner in St. Petar Orehovec School

The visit to host school started with a short welcome speech by headmaster Stjepan Lučki and with the song “Welcome my friend”. The song was performed by ex-students who were also members of the journalist section and now they are high school students in Križevci.

The get-together of teachers from partner schools continued with a short walk through Križevci city center, a visit to Choco bar founded by Association of people with disabilities Križevci. Choco bar and a small chocolate factory are part of The Development Centre and Technology Park in Križevci. /Ljiljana Picig, Stojanka Lesički; translated by Vanja Vidaković/

Presenting of Croatian team
Presenting of Serbian team
Presenting of Macedonian team
Presenting of Romanian team
Presenting of Spanish team

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