Professor Peršin and journalist Weidlich from Study of Journalism taught us about the journalism writing style

Tena Perišin and Igor Weidlich

Professor Tena Peršin from Study of Journalism at Faculty of Political Sciences and Igor Weidlich journalist and lecturer held a workshop about journalist style of writing on the fourth day of our Erasmus+ exchange (24 October). They gave us directions to some rules of journalist trade like the inverted pyramid- which means that the news should start with the most important information.

Igor Weidlich

Those most important information should be written in the lead of the news and then the rest should be assorted according to the importance. We had a chance to write one report by ourselves and then we had to analyze where we had made mistakes. Weidlich warned us on quoting and avoiding of the administrative style. He explained the importance of keywords in the title and that photos must have a caption and an author credit.

Marko Matijević, the editor in chief of the portal about education – gave us a lecture about his portal and told us to let our students to write about anything they want to write about. He also advised us to give students a chance to be critical in their articles and about their environment because that is how they become responsible citizens. He gave a remark that we should propagate our content via various social networks for the increment of the number of readers. He also warned us that professors should be mentors and responsible editors and students should be the ones who write and edit the content.

Marko Matijević, editor in

During the application of the project, we have predicted that as part of our Erasmus+ project we will prepare a selection of workshops on media literacy and digital citizenship we have organized a workshop about how to make a quality workshop. The leader of the workshop was Domagoj Morić, an experienced leader of the workshops on the topics from media literacy and civic education. Morić started his workshop with a warm-up game and advised us to use similar games to increase the interest of our students for participation in the workshop. He remarked that we should prepare a short theoretical introduction for our workshops about the topic, planned goals, and outcomes of the workshop and also prepare suitable tasks for students. After the tasks are completed it is necessary to leave enough time for students to carry out their solutions. So have we finished this workshop by analyzing the suggestions of the goals and outcomes of three groups for the workshop on the topic of a digital footprint and cover advertising

Domagoj Morić

On the last, fifth day, of our exchange, we have visited Plitvice lakes National park best known for 16 beautiful lakes. We had nice weather so we spent our time there walking through the park and driving in the boat. Plitvice is the most visited National park in Croatia. In 1979 it was included on the UNESCO list of World heritage. /Stojanka Lesički; translated by Vanja Vidaković; photo: Tijana Mamić, S.L./


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