Spain teachers’ council dissemination: C1- Croatia activity

Twenty teachers from all five participating countries have been involved in the first mobility action, a working trip to Croatia. The Management Boards of all High Schools were represented as well.

They were working across the mobility timeframe on several topics addressed by the project, such as how to create a digital newspaper, how to elaborate and select its contents, what are the goals and targets of the digital publication, etc.

The distribution of tasks and activities among countries has been also decided, as well as the criteria for selecting pupils and the creation of the Erasmus team. In the case of IES Maestre de Calatrava, more than 20 students have volunteered to participate; they meet weekly in the Biology Laboratory during Wednesday’s break. They devote their time to elaborate the articles of their digital newspaper, comprising, but not limited to interviews – to teachers, schoolmaster, major – high school news, digital education highlights, sports, music, social network trends and influencers, instagrammers, book reviews, technological tips, and general local novelties.

We’d like to encourage you to participate in the high school digital newspaper. All inputs are welcome: about history, languages, arts, physics, chemistry, philosophy, maths, music, economy, latin,… Therefore, this is a project open to all students, teachers and teaching community at large. /Consuelo Ruiz/


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