Dissemination in front of Teachers’ Council in Serbian school

Our Erasmus + project „Young journalists of today – responsible digital citizens of tomorrow“ ( „Mladi novinari današnjice – odgovorni digitalni građani sutrašnjice“)  was presented on 12 November in front of Teachers’ Council.

Our Erasmus + team members Biljana Erdeljanov, Tamara Milić-Mihajlović, Aleksandra Ivanović and Biljana Vučković presented all C1 activities that took place in Zagreb ftom October 21 to October 25.

Our teachers got the opportunity to hear about the lectures and workshops that we attended and to see the photos from the mobility. We also talked about our next activities concerning starting up our school digital magazine. /Tamara Milić Mihajlović, Biljana Vučković/


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