“Students’ Spark” is the name of Serbian digital school magazine

Nikolina Ristić – the godmother of the magazine “Students+ Spark”

A large number of students participated in the selection of the name of our digital magazine.  Our three teachers-Snežana Antić and Gordana
( Serbian language teachers) and Tamara Milić-Mihajlović
(English language teacher) – were a committee which chose the best proposal.

The magazine will be called “Students’ Spark” and the godmother was our 7th grade student Nikolina Ristić. She received a small present from the school for her sparkly idea.

The first texts of our students, young journalists, will be published soon and we think
that our “Students’ Spark” will really spark very brightly in the future. /Tamara Milić-Mihajlović/

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