The construction of the sports hall starts next summer?

We discussed construction plans of the sports hall with Franjo Poljak, the mayor of Sveti Petar Orehovec municipality

This week we spotted construction machines in the school park and near the playground and found out that the arrival of the machines is related to the school sports hall whose construction we have been waiting for years. That is why we visited Franjo Poljak, a mayor of Sveti Petar Orehovec municipality, and asked him what is going on around the school, and can we and when expect the sports hall.

Our school was built in 1964 and PE classes took place in the hallway of 35m2. The procedure for the construction of the sports hall was launched in 2004, but there was always something that got in the way and the sports hall procedure never started.

In 2013 our film group made a short documentary about the problem of the sports hall that is available at the link Tjelesni u betonskom hodniku već 49 godina

Can you explain to us what are construction machines doing next to our school these days and does it have to do with the construction of the sports hall?

The machines that arrived this week have the task of preparing the terrain for the future sports hall. Technically speaking, they are working on the protection of the construction pit. Namely, the land next to the school where the hall will be built is on the slope and it is necessary to stabilize it, so the soil won’t slide. This intervention is performed by Geobim from Beletinec and should be completed within two months.

Does this mean that in the spring we can expect the beginning of a sports hall construction?

We are currently working on securing the financial resources needed for building and furnishing the hall. We arrange for this to be a joint project of the municipality and the county. Namely, the county has developed a project to help the construction of the halls in several places in the area of Koprivnica-Križevci county. According to the agreements reached so far, the county would finance part of the costs that are within the pedagogical standard.

Could you explain that further?

The size of the hall according to the pedagogical standard depends on the number of pupils in the school. According to the existing pedagogical standard, Sveti Petar Orehovec Elementary School is entitled to a two-room hall. However, we think we need the three-room hall to be able to use it for various sports and cultural events in the municipality, not just for the PE classes for students of the school.

Journalist Karla Kos, Paola Tukša, the major Franjo Poljak, Sonja Plavec and Amadea Bošnjak

What surface of such a hall would be and how much would the price of its construction be?

The three-room hall that we would like to build should be 2300 m2, and according to the project, cost price of the hall would be about 20.5 mil KN.

How will the municipality ensure its share of the necessary resources for the construction of the hall?

We plan to raise a loan in one of the commercial banks. Our plan is to do that during the winter so that we can start with construction next year in the summer. If everything will proceed as planned, the sports hall could be completed by the end of 2021.

Will the hall be working by an already prepared draw from 2012?

Yes, we already have the project, and only minor changes were needed due to some legal regulations that were enforced in the meantime.

/Paola Tukša, 8. A; Photo:  S. L./

Original article is available in the online digital newspaper Klinček and can be found on the following  link

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