The first steps towards entrepreneurship start in school

Great entrepreneurs are innovative, leaders, creative, independent. What parent wouldn’t want their children to develop those traits, even if they don’t plan to start a business when they grow up? But is it possible to spark that entrepreneurial spirit with Christmas gifts?

Well, the answer is yes! “Mihai Eminescu” ‘s students have learnt how to mix the Christmas Spirit with a more pragmatic aspect, the one of learning how to make, administer and invest their money, guided by both parents and teachers.

The students of our school said goodbye, before the holidays, in a festive atmosphere. Starting from December 16th, on the halls on the ground and the 1st floor of our school, the Christmas Fair was organized.

Involved parents

The parents as well were eager to offer a lesson in empathy and solidarity, so they were actively involved in making and selling the exhibits.

-It was a constructive job because we made this gesture out of love for children. Year by year the products are more interesting and elaborate, the children are interested, especially the hand-made things. We are also inspired by the Internet to make them and we are glad that many of them are made from recyclable materials or nature – cones, acorns – said E. C., a mum who helped to organize the event. 

-It was a good opportunity for students to socialize, to learn how to negotiate their products, to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and, above all, to help those in need. They have been working for more than two months in accomplishing the things exposed for sale and they are intensely preparing for the exercise of organizing the stand and especially for presenting and selling the products of their work – said Corina Voicu Popescu, one of the teachers who organized the Christmas Fair.

 Learning activity while having fun 

From our point of view, as “Mihai  Eminescu” ‘s students, we believe it was a valuable opportunity for us to organize, as a community, such a complex project, in fact a true production and sales enterprise, with the well-established goal of investing money in a way that benefits all students. 

We consider it was a wonderful learning opportunity. We, as school children, saw how our work was valued and discovered what it means to earn money by working (the first concepts of entrepreneurship). We have learnt that it is within our power to fulfill our desires and that a dedicated effort is needed to achieve results.

It was also a real practice exercise – we were the ones selling, calculating what sums to receive (prices are specifically chosen to practice somewhat more complex calculations -2, 3, 5, 8, 10 lei) and thus practicing some mathematics skills.

We were delighted to discover how our younger counterparts took the elements of practical life even further, offering discounts on larger purchases, negotiating or presenting their merchandise full of passion (especially when they proudly declared that it had been made by them).

Coming to the very first question of our article, our colleagues really succeeded in being little entrepreneurs, proving the fact that the can become real ones.

Author: Bogdan Păunica and Roxana Cobârlie, 4 A; Photo G.G. 

Original article is available in the online digital newspaper Media Gener@tion and can be found on the following  link

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