Social Networks – Marina Yers

Marina Yers is a young 20-year old girl, who was born in Ukraine in 1999. Some years after birth she moved to Spain. When being born, doctors detected a kidney cancer, which implied living with a single kidney from then on. Marina is blond, blue-eyed and not too tall.

Marina is known in Instagram because of her selfies, modeling and other daily pictures. She’s got more than 1,2 million followers in Instagram and 1,7 million in YouTube. She had a relationship with Salva, another YouTuber with 4,94 million followers.

Her real name is Maryna Pukhyr Danchyshak. She’s got an elder brother and a pet, a cat named Bola (“Ball”). Before becoming a famous Youtuber, she started studying a university degree in Medicine, she moved to the USA for seven weeks to study and created her YouTube channel in 2013, though her first video was only published in 2016.

You can visit her channel by clicking on the picture.

Autor: Isabel Madrid

Original article is available in the online digital newspaper Caltarava Times and can be found on the following  link


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