An inclusive house for children and young people in Ćićevac is opened

Ćićevac is a small place where there are not many places for socializing. That is why the members of the Okular association came up with the idea of ​​turning an ordinary room in the city center into a space where children would spend their free time, socialize and play.

This project started earlier this year. To raise money, on Women’s Day – March 8, the association organized a celebration at a local restaurant and made a public invitation to interested people who wanted to help with this project. A lot of people responded to the call and it was great. About 40,000 dinars were raised.

A few months later, on May 19, a Charity Ball was organized at the hotel ‘Beach’  in Varvarin. It was a big celebration attended by the mayors of the surrounding municipalities, as well as many businessmen.

Our mayor, our artists and several students from our school, painted paintings that were auctioned. This event will be remembered for a long time. More than 500,000 dinars were raised at that Ball and street actions before that to equip the House. A brick house was drawn on the wall of the House for Children and Young People, where each donor received “his or her own brick,” or brick with his or her name.

After a few months, our house got its final look. Donors, students and teachers received invitations to open an Inclusive Home for Children and Young People and it was officially opened on December 2, 2019.

The Inclusive Home for Children and Young People will host workshops on various topics, tournaments and activities for children and young people in the Ćićevac municipality.

Author: Sanja Ivanović

Original article is available in the online digital newspaper Djačka iskra and can be found on the following  link Инклузивна кућа за децу и младе у Ћићевцу почела са радом

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