Did you know that…?

Nowadays, the internet has become our everyday life. It is estimated that people spend approximately 7 hours of their day online. However, can we learn anything from the internet, without it being dull and boring?

Here are 10 fun facts that will enrich your knowledge of the world in an interesting way.

  1. Did you know that North Korea and Cuba are the only places where you cannot buy Coca-Cola?

No matter where you go, it’s comforting to know that you can always enjoy a Coke. Well, almost anywhere. While this drink is sold practically everywhere, it still hasn’t (officially) made its way to North Korea or Cuba, BBC reports. That is because these countries are under long – term U.S. trade embargos.  

2. Did you know that the entire population of the world could fit in Los Angeles?

The total population of the world is more than 7.5 billion. And obviously, that number seems huge. If every one of those people were standing side by side, they could all fit within 500 square miles of Los Angeles, according to National Geographic

3. Did you know that four babies are born each second of every day?

Every second, we welcome four new babies into the world’s population. Do a little math and you will find out that this means that there are approximately 250 births per minute, 150,000 per hour and 360,000 per day. There are about 131.4 million babies born on Earth per year, according to the Ecology Global Network.

4. Did you know that Muhammed is considered the most popular name in the world?

Apart from John, James, Mary and Jane – it is believed that Muhammad is the most popular name in the world. According to the Independent, about 150 million men and boys around the world share this name. The popularity is due to Muslim tradition to name every son born after the Islamic Prophet.

5. Did you know that, there is a website that monitors the world’s population in real time?

As of 2019, the total human population is estimated to be more than 7.7 billion. And if you want to observe that growth in real time, you can join the World Population Clock, which shows the count of babies born and people dying. You can also view current populations of different countries, including China (1,420,000,000+), India (1,368,000,000+) and the United States (329,000,000+).

6. Did you know that only two countries in the world have used the colour purple on their flags?

The Nicaragua flag has a rainbow in the center that includes a purple color, while the Dominica flag boasts an image of Shiseru parrot, a bird with purple feathers. These elements make these flags the only two flags in the world that use the colour purple.

7. Did you know that Tokyo is the world’s largest city with 37 million people?

Tokyo is a big city – not just by Japanese standards, but also compared to other cities around the world. With about 37 million people living in Tokyo, it is the largest city in the world when it comes to population size, reports Reuters. The next largest city is Delhi, India (population 29 million) and Shanghai, China (population 26 million).

8. Did you know that Mona Lisa’s painting was in Napoleon Bonaparte’s bedroom for several years?

9. Did you know that the Spanish word “esposas” also means “handcuffs” and “wives”?

10. Did you know that Galileo Galilei’s middle finger is kept in the Museum of Science in Florence?

Author: A. Ilievska (9-5 grade)

Photos: Internet

Original article published in the school digital newspaper  L.A. IN-formator.


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