So young yet so talented

Nikola Tushevski, who comes from the Elementary school “Gligor Prilicev” from Zelezara, stands out with his incredible talent. This young artist, though only 12 years old, is full of motivation, inspiration and ambition.

L.A. IN-formtor: What kind of technique do you use? Can anyone work with this technique?

Nikola: The type of drawing I’m working with is called “Doodle“. This kind of art consists of imaginations of caricatures of fictional characters. Of course, anyone can work with this kind of art, it is only a matter of desire and refinement of the drawing technique.

L.A. IN-formtor: What tools are needed for making such a fascinating artwork?

Nikola: The following tools are needed for making such an artwork:

A pencil or a mechanical pencil for drawing the sketch; rubber for correcting the mistakes while drawing the sketch; rapidograph (technical pen) to highlight the already drawn sketch; felt-tip pens for retouching the drawing.

L.A. IN-formtor: What inspires you to create this kind of art?

Nikola: My motivation comes from my desire to improve myself with every subsequent drawing. I first learned about this technique on YouTube from the reputed artist Vexx who has mastered this technique, although he uses a number of other drawing techniques. Later I found out about other artists. My drawings would not be the same without music.

L.A. IN-formtor: Do you make your creations on your own or do you get help from someone?

Nikola: At the very beginning, I was watching tutorials on various websites by various world famous artists. Now that I have passed the novice period, I no longer need such sources, but I am full of my own ideas for future creations.

L.A. IN-formtor: And finally I would like to ask you, is it interesting to work with such branch of art?

Nikola: Sure, it’s interesting, but in our country this branch of art isn’t currently known and developed. I can’t guarantee what will happen next, yet I am only 12 years old, and no one knows what might happen in the future. If this kind of art develops here, in Macedonia, in the future, maybe this hobby will be my future profession.

As you can see, this young artist whose hobby is this branch of art is not only talented, but also he has great ambitions for his future. His friends consider him gifted and admire him.

Author and photo: A. Grivcevska (7-4 grade)

Video: Vexx YouTube channel

Original article published in the school digital newspaper  L.A. IN-formator.


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