The karate club ‘SHOTOKAN ĆI’ counts medals and successes

The karate club from Ćićevac was declared the 6. most successful club in the country at the end of 2019. Considering the fact that all the other clubs at the top of the list come from big cities and municipalities, we see it as a big success for Ćićevac karateists.

Nowadays, when everything is digitally oriented, there are still ambitious people who want to do something for the younger generations and bring the children back to playing, socialising and sport competitions. In Ćićevac this person is Lazar Radosavljević who founded the ‘Shotokan Ći’ club. The club got its name after a style of karate called- Shotokan, and Ći is the abbreviation for the name of our municipality. At the moment of the founding, Lazar had been training for 13 years and he wanted to pass his knowledge on to ’some new kids’ who wanted to learn. Everything started in February of 2015 as a course, and the club was officially opened on 31.12.2015. Since then a lot of children have enrolled and stayed to train.

The age of the children who enroll is four, and there is no upper age limit. ‘Shotokan Ći’ is one of the most successful sport clubs in the municipality which is proved by 600 won medals in five years since the founding, as well as two karate masters: Katarina Milosavljević and Ivan Urošević, who are the winners of internacional medals.

The trainings take place in the Gymnasium of the Economy school in Ćićevac, three times a week- on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6pm, at the cost of 1000din. a month. The Club, 6. in the country by its success has 20 members so far, and an interesting fact is that it has more female then male members.

Journalist: Sanja Ivanović

Original article published in the online digital newspaper: djackaiskra

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