School “Mihai Eminescu” Alexandria Anniversary

Mihai Eminescu is the national poet of the Romanian nation. Because of this, our school uses his name as a sign of admiration and respect.

The 15th of January, symbolizes the day in which the Romanian poetry star was born, it is a moment of joy for those who come to the Secondary School “Mihai Eminescu” on a daily basis because it is also the school anniversary. This year marks 123 years from the foundation of the institution and, on this occasion, numerous events were organized by students.

On this occasion, a series of workshops with different themes were organized on Wednesday, January 15th. Among them were the ones in which the knowledge and experiences gained by the students of the school were disseminated in the two Erasmus + projects.”My school, my future” – workshop on applied robotics for children ( teachers Ciofalcă MihaelaVoicu-Popescu CorinaGroseanu-Lungu Gina) and „Dreams can come true ”( teachers Cristea Narcisa, Gușă Georgiana, Carabașu Manuela). In addition to this, the following workshops were organized: „Eminescu and Sciences” (teachers Dănilă Daniela, Trăilă Cornelia, Rînescu ElenaMarius-Pop Iuliana), ” Creative fantasy from the work of the unmatched poet of Romanian literature” ( teachers Mincu Cristina, Dumitrașcu Florina), „Sleepy birds” ” ( teachers Neagu Violeta, Antoniu-Mărișoiu Violeta), „Mihai Eminescu – through the eyes of a child” ( teachers Ivan Aurelia, Albu Violeta).

On this day of celebration parents, teachers and guests of honor participated in a show organized at the festive hall. The event started with the opening word of the director, Doncea Bogdan, and continued with the presentation of the guests, representatives of the local administration, educational partners, collaborators. The Deputy Mayor Augustin Ioan and the Deputy Inspector General Iuliana Stancu said they were proud of the school’s achievements, congratulated the teachers and students for their involvement.

The show included moments of recitation of poems, folk songs and dances, society dances, performed by the school students under the careful coordination of the teachers of this institution. At the end of this anniversary, the school anthem was sung ,,Eminescu is us”.

Regarding the quality of the performance and the performance of the students on stage, the director, Doncea Bogdan, notes the diversity of moments, the talent of the students, their special involvement in the school daily activities  and in the organized events, congratulates them and encourages them to be proud that they are students of this school.

Author: Carabasu Miruna, Dragu Ana Maria  VI A

Original article published in the online digital newspaper:

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