International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day is a day on which dramatic protests were held for the Bengali language. Later in 2000 this day was proclaimed as Multilingualism Day. We mark International Mother Language Day on 21st February each year with the support of UNESCO, in order to celebrate more than 6000 different languages spoken by people around the world.

For this purpose, on 21st February 2020 students from 3rd to 9th grade in our school marked this holiday with the thought of Blaze Koneski as a motto: “We should value our language, if we do not want to self-humiliate ourselves”. They presented their works in the school office. The theme of this competition “Mother tongue – the spiritual treasure that is worth keeping and nurturing” made the students think and write on the subject and they received awards for their works.

Praised pupils from lower grades are:

Filip Atanasov III-1, Vangelija Mitanoska III-4, Eva Brankovska III-1, Nemanja Jordanov V-6, Valeria Mitanoska III-4, Maksim Zbilic III-1, Teona Angjelovska V-5, Viktor Misailovski V-1, Konstantinin and Elena Barajanoski V-5, Anna Stancheva III-1.

Praised students from higher grades are:

Anastasia Simovic IX-5, Hristina Mladenovska VI-1, Georgina Mitrevska VI-1, Renata Sinadinovski VIII-5.

Awarded students from lower grades:

First place: Diona Borimeckovska III-3.

Second place: Mihela Janevska III-1.

Third place: Angela Stamkova V-2.

Awarded students from higher grades:

First place: Katerina Ivanova VII-6.

Second place: Iva Dautovska IX-5.

Third place: Miljana Stojanovic IX-4.

There is nothing better than speaking your mother tongue, so it is worth keeping and nurturing. Happy International Mother Language Day!

Author: Anja Djugovska (8-1 grade)

Photo: M. Pavlova-Anevska

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator.

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