Playground in Ćićevac visited by our young journalists’ “colleagues“

At our great surprise a modern inclusive playground for children was built in Ćićevac last year. It was named „The playground of our dreams“, which was the idea of the children who were sketching it, but the designers were the students and professors of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. The ten million dinars (about 85.000 €) project was implemented with financial and logistical support of the UNICEF and the Municipality of Ćićevac as the co-financer. The opening ceremony will take place in May 2020. In the end of January the playground got the use permit that officially made it safe to use.

On that occasion we have been visited by the RTS journalists who report for the UNICEF on the playground and our town.They  previously filmed the location and the story about our children before the playground construction,and now they have come to round the story up with new details.

We have asked a couple of questions to Jelena Terzić, journalist who is also the chief of the crew that have come to Ćićevac.

Why are you here today?

We have been filming the inclusive playground,the first of its kind in Ćićevac, which will enable easier access to the interesting devices for all the children,both with disturbed development and others.

What are your impressions of Ćićevac?

Amazing.They are wonderful,mostly because of the fact that we have been in contact with children.

Have the children from Ćićevac been in the mood for filming?

They have been brilliant,just as all the children are,the best possible.

When and where can we see the story you are filming?

On the UNICEF web site , in the “stories” section. The story of the Ćićevac inclusive playground will be available after the playground opening in May, although, luckily, the children will be able to use it much sooner.

How do you like the playground?

It is great! I have seen that the kids like it, which is very important, so my impressions are very good.

We asked the children who were on the set about the playground. They all agreed that it is different and very interesting. We found out that they play here very often. They mostly imagined it in a different manner, but when we asked them if their ideas were better, they all agreed that the playground was the best possible surprise and that it is much better than any of the ideas they had.

We are very grateful to the UNICEF for such an amazing present and making it possible for Ćićevac to have such an interesting and wonderful place for children.

Journalist: Mina Stojanovic

The original article is published in the school digital magazine Djacka iskra

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