A unique place for school pupils: The Robotics Club

Between children and robots the attraction is a natural one. This is best felt in the Robotics Club of the “Mihai Eminescu” School in Alexandria. Launched as part of the Erasmus + project “Schools coding – robots meting”, it aims to introduce students to the mysteries of programming.

At this club, the programming enthusiasts participate, passionately  wanting  to cultivate their love for technology in a non-formal setting where they can develop their analytical thinking and creativity, the classes being free.

The students are very pleased with this idea and participate with much love and interest in all the activities of the club.

“I come to the Robotics Club because I feel very good here. The Edison Robot is special because it can be programmed to perform several activities such as: to follow the light, to follow a route in the form of a maze, to walk on the line or play a song.

Also, it can be improved with lego pieces and can pick up and carry different objects. Some of the children wanted an Edison robot so much that they wrote Santa to bring their own robot to program it always”, says Bogdan Moldoveanu, a passionate student of robotics.

Denis Dumitrache is another passionate programming student: “Robots are my passion. I enjoy spending time with my colleagues at the club. Passion for exact sciences, motivation and ambition unite us. Together with my friends, I learn how to build and program robots. The club helps us decide on a future job, such as a programmer. “

Not only children are thrilled by the Robotics Club. “IT means more than tablets and computer games. The pleasure of children to use technology must be managed responsibly and directed to a creative path. This can be transformed into the ability to create games, build and program robots or to know how to use the internet and computer in daily activities. I like the idea of this club which is unique in Alexandria and represents an advantage for the students of the “Mihai Eminescu” School, considers Mrs. Groseanu Gina, teacher and parent of a student enrolled in the Robotics Club.

Author:  Grasa Cãtalin Andrei

„Mihai Eminescu” School, Grade IV A

Original article is available in the online digital newspaper Media Gener@tion

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