What is happening around us?

We usually publish articles from our eTwinning partners only on our eTwinning page but this time, due to the actuality of the article, we made an exception. Be sure to read the article from our Italian eTwinning partners! Thanks a lot to Mariagrazia Agnelli, a teacher from school ICS “G. Bertolotti”, Gavardo (Bs) Italy who sent this article.

In these days and difficult period, what is happening around us? What has changed in just two weeks? Italy is living in difficult and unfavourable conditions created by Convid-19, known as coronavirus? And how is life outside Italy, in Europe and in the world?

In Italy schools have been closed since 24th February 2020, students have been at home for about four weeks now and they feel a little confused and puzzled.

Since the virus came here, all people started to get scared and take remedial actions. When there were only two or three people infected, it was not a drama but now there is no one outside in the streets or in the parks, all citizens are afraid of being infected.

The government took restricted and strict actions for all the country: they closed all schools and universities, bars and restaurants, they stopped all sports events and training, religious celebrations and recreational activities were forbidden to avoid any contact among people, to prevent and to reduce the infection.

A great part of Europe has a similar situation to the one in Italy and we can only affirm:

“Everything will be fine!”

Coronavirus is now spreading in many parts of the world but scientists and experts are struggling to solve this pandemic; doctors and nurses are working hard – day and night – to try to find a solution and they will not get tired until they have found one, so reassure yourself and enjoy your stay at home.

Before this critical event, students considered school and education as an obligation and a duty, now being compelled to stay at home, they realise it is something different: a fantastic meeting place to see friends, a great opportunity to learn new things and to share experiences.

Not being able to go to school for the first time in their life, teenagers regret that place considered a duty and look back at it as a joyful memory.

During the first days of school closures, when the infections were still restricted, students liked the decision of the Council of Ministers because it was still provisional and an unexpected holiday.

Now the situation is getting worse and worse because many people are getting ill and a lot of them are dying as a consequence of the disease, therefore students would like to return to the daily routine; going to the school, taking tests, meeting teachers and schoolmates would mean the end of this emergency.

Hoping that everything will return to the normality, we can only say “everything will be fine”.


Authors: Sara Filippini and Giacomo Bonora

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