Toni – our Erasmus+ friend from Spain sent us a support video when he heard about the earthquake

Empathic gesture

Toni short for Juan Antonio Villegas Nieto is a boy from Spain who was with us as part of the Spanish team on the Erasmus+ exchange in Italy. He is always in a good mood, ready to make a joke and help others. Karlo Aleksić and I shared a room with him. Some of my most precious moments from Italian exchange are connected to him.

I wrote this text about him because he thought of us at the right moment. On Sunday when he heard the news about the earthquake in Zagreb, he made a short video where he said he hopes we are all well. He also wished all of us good health because of the Coronavirus that is actual here in Croatia, in Spain and all over the world. We can only say, big thank you Toni! Your nice gesture is the real example of empathy and it came in the right moment when it was needed, when we felt scared and confused, fearing if there will be more earthquakes.

Juan Antonio Villegas Nieto i Giuseppe Di Pinto, učitelj iz Italija

For those who haven’t read the previous article in Klinček about empathy, we have explained that it means compassion and understanding of other people’s emotions and also the adequate way of reacting to observed emotions. Beneath this article, you can find Tony’s video and a few pictures of him during our Erasmus+ exchange. /Luka Šok, 7.a: photo: Martina Sokač i S.L./

The original article is published in the school digital magazine Klinček

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