Netflix launched this TV series, Insatiable, in 2018. Two seasons have been released for the moment, and the third is coming soon (though rumors say it would be cancelled). Insatiable is at the same time a black comedy, a romantic series and a teenagers’ story. Before its premiere, some people refused to broadcast it due to the kind of message being conveyed and its possible interpretations.

Insatiable is about Patty, a chocolate-loving teenager that has gone through harasment her whole life. One night at a shop she is attacked and robbed a chocolate bar. The impact of that event makes her spend the summer only on liquids. When coming back to high school in September she has dramatically changed and slimmed down. All others are now kind and friendly to her due to her new look. 

Patty signs up in beauty contests to get a revenge on those who laughed at her, thanks to Bob, a discredited lawyer who is knowledgeable in beauty contests. The plot shows how Patty intends to take revenge and also how, due to that, her relations with her best friend start to tumble.

It is also about Bob’s life since he meets Patty. Often taken as gay due to his presence in beauty contests, Bob’s marriage also starts to tumble as Patty gets in between Bob and his wife Coralee.

In my opinion, this is a good series for those who like black comedy. I deem incorrect the topic, a girl that recovers attention of boys thanks to her new slim figure. I know the series does not want to convey that message, but it is obviously the first impression. That’s why is caused refusal among critics, as the potential offense to many people that the message may provoke. As mentioned above, the third season is possibly suspended.

Author: María José Polo Gómez del Pulgar

Original article is available in the school digital newspaper  Calatravatimes

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