In the week from March the 9th to the 14th, some IES MAESTRE DE CALATRAVA students have enjoyed their stay in the German city of Lippstadt, as an action within the Student Exchange arranged by our High School. It has been an experience for them to learn and get knowledgeable about German culture, an opportunity to set links between the two high schools and a way to exchange ideas for further improvement of both. 22 students of Baccalaureate year 1 and ESO Secondary years 3 and 4, with ages ranging from 14 to 16 years old have participated jointly with two teachers who traveled with them.

During their stay in Lippstadt, they have visited neighboring villages like Soek, completed activities like photographic gymkhanas and ice skating, attended classes with their German colleagues and enjoy themselves in sports competitions between schools.

The last day, when coming back to Madrid airport, the arrival was some complications due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic mobility constraints set by the authorities. Both parents and teachers were longing to see them back in Ciudad Real, but we all finally managed to succeed in the return operation and the students were able to come back and share with their families their unforgettable experience.

Original article is available in the school digital newspaper Calatravatimes

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