Children are your own reflection in the mirror

The drama school of famous Kruševac actor Dejan Tončić, recommended by mediator Jelica Milosavljević, organised a performance called “Children are your own reflection in the mirror”. They designed the performance, primarily wishing to warn about the bullying in an artistic way. The whole idea is based on an upsetting event that took place in Kruševac last year, when a girl was beaten up by two other girls.

The performance took place in the Culture Centre in Ćićevac on 27th February 2020 at 7 o’clock pm. The Municipality of Ćićevac bought all the tickets, so it was free of charge for all the people who wanted to see it.

Lots of people, both children and parents, from Ćićevac came to the event-the hall was packed.

The first part of the performance was dedicated to the following topics: bullying, family situation of  conflict participants and the mediation afterwards. The second part of this public lesson was musical evolution, imitations and the final message.

The performance was designed by Dejan Tončić and Jelica Milosavljević themselves and it represents the warning of bullying and emphasises the importance of mediation after the act of violence in order to settle the conflict in a peaceful manner.

The following teen-actors and actresses took part in the show: Ana Todorović, Milica Bićanin, Katarina Marković, Tomislav Aleksić, Kristina Nikolić, Jovana Radenković, Milena Mihajlović, Vojin Ćirić, Nađa Vučković, Mila Radenković, Marko Stošić and Mila Tončić.

Nikolina, your journalist learned the following things at the „Public lesson“: „The youngest ones need to have carefully established limits and model behaviour in order to make them strong, learn to respect the others and be respected by them in return. The fact is that it is not easy to be a parent, because parents are supposed to be the role models to their children and friends, but educators and authorities as well. There are numerous problems and that is why parents are trying to make up the lack of time and attention by buying expensive things such as modern mobile telephones and tablets. There are some parents who are discontent with their lives and who are trying to heal their frustrations through their children. Their children are A students, with great achievements, but still unhappy due to the lack of approval, love ang hug which they need and want most“.

You need to be very careful when you try to find your children guilty of something and disrespect them for some insignificant things, because YOUR CHILDREN ARE YOUR OWN REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR.

Journalists: Jelica Jović, Darija Radojković and Nikolina Ristić

Photo: Nikolina Ristić

Original article is available in school digital magazine Đačka iskra

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