The Newlyweds

Serbia is a country rich in tradition and religious holidays. The holiday celebrated on the 22 of March is called the Newlyweds. In Ćićevac, this holiday is celebrated every year as a town festivity on the main square, ceremoniously, with a lot of guests from other towns, music, food and drinks. Due to the police curfew because of the corona virus, this year there is no celebration, but we can reminisce this beautiful holiday.

This holiday is dedicated to the memory of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste who died because of their Christian beliefs in the year of 320. All of them were young men and because of this fact it was decided to dedicate this holiday to the newlyweds, young people who just started their life together, who got married.

The custom is for the newlyweds to have guests come to their home for a feast, which is prepared using only fasting food since the Newlyweds are always during the Great Fast, and the guests bring them presents. This is an opportunity for the young housewife to exhibit her culinary skills. One of the oldest and most well known customs is for the housewife to get up early in the morning and make special small sweet bread made of wheat flour, which is later covered with honey.There are forty of these buns symbolising the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste. They also symbolise sweet and harmonious marital life of the newlyweds.

The celebration of this holiday intesified in the seventies of the last century.

Likewise, through folk tradition, this holiday can be associated with the White Week when mothers-in-law use to take their daughters-in-law to introduce them to the community, bring them to church or into the community of the married women.

The greatest symbol of this holiday are the already mentioned forty buns. Finally, we can only congratulate all young married couples and wish them a long, lovely and harmonious married life.

Author: Mina Stojanović

Original article is available in school digital magazine Đačka iskra

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