The power of music in times of police curfew

The first association with Easter, apart from the dyed red eggs, is of course the legendary Macedonian singer Dzina Papas Dzoksi and his song “I fell in love on Easter” (На Велигден сум се заљубил). Simply symbolically and almost naturally, we connect Dzoksi’s biggest hit song with the Easter holidays.

However, who said that we could not celebrate the biggest Christian holiday, Easter, from home. That is to say, Dzoksi together with the academic chorus “Mirche Acev”, under the conductor’s wand of Jasmina Gjorgjeska and the chorus arrangement of Damir Imeri, with the help of an online application, from each participant’s home remade and recorded the legendary song and broadcasted a powerful video message to everyone.

The song was first written in 1990, but because of its religion motives, it was put on the shelf until the Macedonian independence next year. The song was first played on the Macedonian radio in 1991 and since then has become one of the most popular song of all time. This beautiful version of the song has become the unofficial hymn for the Easter celebrations.

This year, due to the measure of prevention of the spread of Covid-19 virus, an 85 hours long police curfew was enforced and all citizens in our country were on lockdown in their homes, spending the Easter holidays in isolation. Nevertheless, the power of music has its own paths in situations like this. People from Ohrid, with their Big quarantine band, which has 50 members, together with Gjorgje Vasikj, alias Dzina Papas Dzoksi, sang “I fell in love on Easter” from their homes and sent a powerful message to all people. Hear how the song sounds like when it is sung with 50 people at the same time in a virtual environment.

Author: T. Gjorgjieva (7-1 grade)

Videos: YouTube

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper In-formator

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