A family rock band from Ćićevac- RIFF

After the news about the coronavirus pandemic, it is very nice to hear that there is a family rock band in Ćićevac who are working hard and creating their new songs. The band consists of Simo Tegeltija (father), Ilija Tegeltija (older son) and Petar Tegeltija (younger son).

They already have two authors’ songs but the band was not really actually formed on purpose. As we have found out, the rock band intentively had the idea of gathering all the children who played musical instruments, but they were simply not persistent enough, so only the Tegeltija family members remained in it.

The band is called „RIFF“,and it was named after a rock cafe club in Ćićevac run by Simo. The name represents a guitar chord consisting of only two tones. The band are planning to record a whole album in the future, so they are hoping that the promotion will be successful. We have also found out that all their plans involve playing music.

Simo Tegeltija (father) is a frontman and founder of the band.

How long have you been involved in music?

Simo: “I was playing music as an amateur since high school, more precisely since 1996. I started with the guitar and now in the „Riff“ band I am playing the bass.“

Had you been a member of any other bands before you founded the „Riff“ band?

Simo: “No, after high school I literally didn’t touch my guitar until 2009 when I started teaching Ilija to play it.“

You already have two songs and you have recently released the song called „Malena“. Are you content with the success?

Simo: „We only started recording authors’ songs two or three months ago. So far it`s been fantastic, they are popular and have numerous views that constantly increase.“

You are a family band.Where does the common interest in rock music come from?

Simo: „It probably started thanks to the music I was listening to. My kids liked it so they also became keen on rock.“

Where will we be able to hear you after the coronavirus epidemic?

Simo: „In clubs and bikers’ gatherings all around Serbia,literally in every single Serbian town.“

Is it possible to make a living with music?

Simo: „It is possible.Why not? It depends on a band’s devotion and quality“.

Ilija Tegeltija plays the lead guitar in the band. Until a couple of years ago, we could see him at every single school performance that was taking place, but now only with his band.

How old were you when you started entering the world of music?

Ilija: „I was nine years old when I became interested in learning the guitar because I saw my father playing. That is how it all started.“

What is your position in the band?

 Ilija: „I am the singer and lead guitarist.“

Who writes the lyrics of your songs?

 Ilija: „Mostly I write the lyrics, and afterwards I edit the text and music together with my brother and father.“

How did you develop the affection for the rock music?

Ilija: „Since I was very young I was keen on rock music more than on other types of music, although I don’t mind any kind of music as long as it has certain quality.“

How did you get the idea for the new song? Where did the inspiration come from?

 Ilija: „The inspiration was love and when I want to say something I usually express it through music.“

Have you become more popular with your friends?

 Ilija: „Let’s say that being popular is not that important,but it makes some difference. The most important thing is what kind of person you are.“

How do your friends react?

 Ilija: „They are very supportive and everyone likes my music.“

Petar Tegeltija is the youngest band member and also the drummer.

What was your first contact with music?

 Petar: „I have always liked music,and I started playing the drums back in 2009, right after Ilija started his guitar practising.“

How long have you been learning and improving your playing?

Petar: „I am still learning and I think that I still haven’t improved it enough.“

Do you friends support you in doing this?

 Petar: „They don’t listen to rock music, but they all support me.“

What does music mean to you?

 Petar: „Music is my passion and my life and it represents the liberation of all the problems.“

Let us treat ourselves with the opportunity to enjoy some good music and good news in all this chaos created by coronavirus.You can listen to the songs of our musicians on You Tube channel called „RIFF BAND“.


Journalist: Mina Stojanović

Original article is available in the school digital magazine Đačka iskra


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