COVID-19 Hoaxes and Fake News

List of hoaxes mentioned by newspapers:

  1. There is evidence that coronavirus survives worse in a hot or more humid climate -> Hoax
  2. Wine or alcohol consumption does help to protect against coronavirus -> Hoax
  3. Spanish government has already decided a roadmap and a calendar to resume activities from now to June -> Hoax, no decision yet – April the 25th
  4. A pandemic is programmed every 100 years to reduce world population -> Hoax
  5. MMS or Sodium Chloride do heal coronavirus -> Hoax, both are dangerous and illegal
  6. A RAI-made video proves coronavirus was created in China in 2015 -> Hoax
  7. Spanish power company Iberdrola reduces the bill to all customers in a 25% -> Hoax

List of hoaxes/fake news published in FaceBook:

  1. There is a calendar and roadmap made by the Spanish government programming the stages of the end of the confinement -> Hoax
  2. Spanish government blocks the health material supplies: “they steal our masks” -> Fake news
  3. Left-winged party Unidas Podemos files a lawsuit against a spokesman of right-winged party Vox for spreading fake news about coronavirus

List of hoaxes/fake news shared in social networks

  1. Inhaling steam deactivates the virus -> hoax
  2. Heat kills virus -> hoax
  3. Helicopters will be used for global disinfection -> hoax
  4. Some foods or beverages prevent infection -> hoax
  5. Ibuprofen makes Covid-19 infection worse -> hoax
  6. Government is about to declare the state of exception -> hoax
  7. Spanish government is commandeering ventilators to take them to Madrid -> fake news
  8. Chloroquine and Hydroxichloroquine heal Covid-19 -> hoax

Personal Opinion

I have enjoyed myself when preparing this article as I have realized about all fake news published by people. They spread quickly all over generating fear and insecurity in the population. I understand some people enjoy creating them, but this is not a valid excuse. I am shocked to see all these absurd hoaxes which are going up and down in the social networks and all the people ready to believe them.

Author: Laura Gonzalez Patiño

Original article is available in school digital magazine Calatravatimes



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