Wandering the world

Considering the current conditions, us being in a fight with an unseen enemy, which makes us stay at home, away from our dear places, each of us adapts … But what can  passionate travelers  do…? You can’t stop them from wanting to escape to new worlds. And why do that? Wouldn’t it be better let them  cut out a digital suitcase in which to slip all the places they have  visited, all the faces they have met along their journeys, all the dishes they have enjoyed and all the stories they have heard ?

Out of this suitcase with virtual trips, for today we have chosen a timeless space, away from the hustle-and bustle  of  our busy lives, a place where you can relax on the force of the water that sculpted in the rock, an area full of history and legend, Danube Boilers, an area also known as the Danube Gorge, on the border with Serbia, in Mehedinti County. The landscape of the area is impressive, a perfect combination between steep cliffs and the turbulent waters of the Danube. From place to place, the streams that descend from the mountain and flow into the Danube from bays and estuaries. The most spectacular of these is Mraconia Bay, guarded by the huge face of Decebalus Rex, carved into the rock. The face of Decebalus is the largest statue carved into a mountain slope in Europe and measures over 50 meters.

From Mraconia Bay, you will be able to embark on one of the boats that will take you to admire the beauty of the area. On the water you will discover Tabula Traiana, a marble slab dating from the first Dacian war, but also two other tourist attractions, namely Veterani Cave , from where the Austro-Hungarian armies fired cannons into Turkish ships, and Ponicova Cave, which offers its  spectacular galleries, populated by bats, to anyone who enters it.          

Moreover, the area offers many routes through the Banat Mountains, the most spectacular of all being the one that will take you to the top of the Ciucaru Mare Massif and from where you can admire from the height the narrowest part of the Danube.

Therefore, a virtual trip can momentarily satisfy your thirst for travel, it can help you discover new places, true oases of joy to which you will return as soon as possible and where you will make your mark as a traveler around the world.

Author:  Groseanu Teodora – VI b

Original article is available in the online digital newspaper Media Gener@tion


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