Audio description and titles for the film “Money” are elementary school St. Petar Orehovec student’s contribution to the integration of blind and deaf

Yesterday our parents heard what we have learned about possibilities for communication with blind and deaf 

After the workshop ˝Let’s watch film together˝ conducted as part of the project ˝With sensibilization to integration˝ we have fulfilled the last two tasks in this project. We have made subtitles for the film ˝Money˝ to adapt it for deaf and people with impaired hearing. Our school film section also made audio descriptions to enable blind and visually impaired people to also ˝watch˝ our film. 

It wasn’t that hard to do this task because during the workshop ˝Let’s watch film together˝ we have watched two good examples from the film” Uzbuna na Zelenom vrhu”. We also had some help from students from our film section who have worked before in the program Subtitle edit to make subtitles.

In the case of normal classes we would visit the Centre for education and rehabilitation Vinko Bek to present our work to their students, but maybe we will have a chance to do it in the next school year.

The last task in this project, showing our parents what we have done, was performed differently because we still have distant, online classes so we couldn’t have in school parents meeting. Yesterday our parents had a conference on the Viber app so we had a chance to include our presentation about this project on the meeting agenda.

The mentioned project was conducted with elementary schools Petar Zrinski from Zagreb, Pećine from Rijeka and Dobriša Cesarić from Osijek and the project was coordinated by Association for promotion of creativity and equal possibilities Alternator. The mentioned Association donated projectors to all school participants of the project. We gave our projector to district school Bočkovec. During this project we became more aware of deaf and blind people as equal members of the society and that they also have a right for cultural content as everybody else. Titles and audio descriptions that we have prepared are a small contribution to the integration and we hope there will be more adaptations in the future because we are obligated to do so from Directive about audio-visual media services. The directive was passed in the EU parliament in 2018 and it prescribes obligations about mandatory access to media services to blind and visually impaired and to deaf and hearing-impaired people. 

On the link below, you can find the film ˝Money˝ in two versions, one for blind and visually impaired and one for deaf and hearing-impaired people and also our presentation about the project and the agenda of the parent’s meeting of class 6 b. 

Finally it should be mentioned, Association Alternator donated projectors to all school participants of the project. We gave our projector to district school Bočkovec. /Ivona Siladi, 6. b/

The original article is available in the school digital magazine  KLINČEK

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