Fourth-graders were announcer, cameramen, and editors

Vanesa Fiket i Iva Beloša

The workshop ˝How to become  a  TV announcer˝ was designed by our Erasmus+ partners from Serbia

A few students from the fourth grade by teacher Marina Golec, were announcers today, some were cameramen and some were editors. That was during the media education class in the library as part of the “How to become  a  TV announcer” workshop.

At the beginning of the class, we got some instructions from our librarian on how to behave as a speaker, cameraman, and editor. We have watched a couple of short videos with children in the role of the announcer and we started with our task. We have split in groups and separated in different classrooms so every group could work in peace. Everything went quickly because we didn’t have a lot of time to rehearse as the workshop was supposed to be done in one school period.

After filming we have watched our videos on the big projector canvas. It was fun and a bit funny to see our work on a big screen. After each video ended we had a round of applause and voting. Announcer Jakov Kos got the most votes. His editor was Ivan Ivšak and the cameraman was Ivan Jelušić.

Ivan Jelušić, Jakov Kos i Ivan Ivšak

The workshop “How to become  a  TV announcer” was designed by our Erasmus+ partners from elementary school “Dositej Obradović” from Serbia. The rest of the workshops, prepared in the Erasmus+ project “Young journalists of today –  responsible digital citizens of tomorrow˝ will be organized in classes during the next school year. / Vanesa Fiket,  4th grade/

The original article is published in the school digital magazine KLINČEK

Iva Beloša
Luka Harča
Julija Ban

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