Free press, what does that mean?

World press freedom day is celebrated on the third of May worldwide

Freedom of speech which is guaranteed by the Universal declaration of human rights is addressed. More accurately, the support is being given to all journalists so that they can work without fear and pressure in order for all the people in the world to have the most objective information on politics, economy, healthcare, science, internet, sport and many other topics.

Taking this into account, freedom of the press is the right of all the people, not just the journalists. On this occasion and marking this date, the representative of European Security and Co-operation Harlem Desir said that our health, when talking about the current Covid 19 pandemics, depends on the availability of the health institutions as well as on reliable information concerning the pandemic itself. False information are everywhere, especially on the social networks, but also on the oppressed media. This is why the objectivity is essential! Responsible and professional behavior of the journalists is insisted on.

The state of emergency in Serbia had its impact on the regular duration of the school year, so our pupils, teachers and parents were forced to adjust to the online model of education. The media are the one responsible for conveying the information in the best way as to maintain moral, rhythm and work habits of the pupils. 

The freedom of the press is very important because it is important to hear both sides on any given topic. In my opinion, there is no freedom in the Serbian press because here the media are exposed to economic pressure, such as irregular income, being fired, being threatened and being dependent on Government subventions.

Journalist: Nikolina Ristić

Photoes by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The original article is published in the school online digital magazine Đačka iskra

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