Young football hope of Partizan and Serbia – Strahinja Pavlović

 Partizan football club gives an opportunity to young footballers who are just starting their careers. Strahinja Pavlović, a young player, signed a professional contract with Partizan, although he is just 17 years old.

 On the day before his turning 18,on May 23rd 2019, Pavlović won his first professional career trophy with Partizan, after winning the game versus Crvena Zvezda in the Serbia Cup Final at „Rajko Mitić“ stadium. A year later, he was a well-known player. Besides playing for Partizan, he also plays for the national team of Serbia. Many great European clubs wanted Pavlović in their teams,and he finally signed for Monaco.

Regarding today’s International Sports day, we did an interview with this young footballer. Exclusively for our magazine, Pavlović tells us about his school days, career, relations with supporters, trainings during coronavirus time and his plans for the future.

What memories do you have from your primary and secondary school?

I have very nice memories both from primary and secondary school. At primary school I made lots of friends I still keep in touch with. Until the seventh grade I used to attend a primary school in Šabac, but then I moved to Belgrade where I completed the eighth grade and secondary school.

Did you like school and how much time did you have for it?

I liked school while I was in Šabac. My favourite subject was History. I was taking part at competitions and I was an excellent student. I had time for everything,attend school regularly, train and have some free time for myself. When I moved to Belgrade I had very little time for school, because I already knew that football is what I want to do and that I would like to become a professional footballer. Of course, I couldn’t leave school. I attended it as long as I could. When I entered the first team I was in the second grade secondary school. I completed that year, but I couldn’t go on any longer.

What is your favourite international match and why?

The most favourite match is the one with Molde, when we won it as guests.Of course, matches against Manchester are brilliant experience. I am sorry we didn’t beat them in Belgrade.

Are you sorry about leaving Partizan?

Of course I am sorry I have to leave. I came to Partizan as a fourteen-year-old boy. I am looking forward to new temptations and chances to prove myself. The feeling is just mixed up.

What is your relationship with fans like?

All the players have great relations with fans. We are very glad to see them in great numbers at stadiums. When people come to see you, it is very motivating and it makes you wish the victory even better.

How much do „Grobari“ (Gravediggers-Partizan fans) help Partizan?

They always help and make us motivated. Without fans football would not be the same. We have great fans.

How did you „survive“ house isolation?

I didn’t find it much difficult. I was spending time with my family,watching films,reading books,playing Sony Play Station… I didn’t lack anything except football.If we had played matches or had trainings,I wouldn’t have felt a thing.I was training every day. I used isolation to improve some things I was missing, in football sense, of course.

How did you manage to stay fit?

Each player got his own programme to work by. Considering running, I didn’t do it at first until we were allowed to, but from the very first day I was training on the indoors running track.

Do you have any message for children interested in doing sports?

Of course I have a message for them. It is very important to believe in yourselves and have support from your family. Hard work is always profitable, and I am a true example of it!

Photos: Partizan

Special gratitude to: Biljana Obradović,Partizan PR manager

Journalist: Sanja Ivanović

The original article is published in the school online digital magazine Đačka iskra  

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