Fourth graders have learned about the power of image

The workshop was prepared by our Erasmus+ partners from Romanian

The article about the workshop was published in the school digital magazine KLINČEK on 23 June 2020

Famous influencer Kylie Jenner looks totally different on photos that were taken by paparazzi than on the photos she posts on her social media for advertisements where she is edited and with full make up. We come up with that conclusion while comparing her photos at the beginning of our workshop The power of image.

On that workshop, we fourth graders, have learned that photos can be additionally edited in Photoshop and other similar programs. When photos are slightly edited /colors, light, red eyes, or small imperfections as pimples) that is called technical retouching, and when they are edited as the photo below it is called creative retouching.

We have also talked about the importance of colors and one of our tasks was to find trademarks in red, blue, orange, and green color.

One important thing we have learned is that it is important how the photo was taken (angel, light…) for transferring the correct message with it. Media are well aware of that fact and they use it to direct the focus and interest of their followers. We had a chance to decide what kind of message we would like to send photos of children on a junkyard, children eating burgers, etc.

Some of the photos we have seen during this workshop (e.g. really skinny African children and children on junkyard) made us sad because we know how much food is thrown away in our surroundings.

The workshop was prepared by our Erasmus+ partners from Romania who also told us to always keep in mind what is the intention behind the certain photo. /Vanesa Fiket, 4. class/

The original article is available in the school digital magazine KLINČEK

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