On media literacy class students from 6 and 7 A have learned about attention catchers and commercials ideas

On Monday (14 September) we have learned that psychologists are an important part of the creator’s team for commercials. In our school library, we had a workshop about media literacy called ‘Attention catchers and ideas in commercials’. Psychologists’ task is to incorporate things that will catch the audience’s attention for commercials and encourage them to want the product or service that is advertised. And of course, to encourage the action, the purchase of the advertised item.

Workshop in class 7A – 16. 2. 2021.
Workshop in class 6. a – 14. 9. 2020.

We have also talked about common ideas for commercials and then we watched some commercials and concluded that those ideas are often connected to merits and prizes, return to youth or ideas of natural and healthy.  We have learned that humor, celebrities, youth and attractiveness are among the most common attention catchers.

After commercials analysis, each group had to make a slogan for their class. The goal of the slogan was to attract new students into their class. We didn’t have time to vote for the best slogan, so here is the opportunity for you as readers to decide which one is the best in your opinion.

Perky but polite.

6 A class for laughter

It’s tough, but you are not alone

Loud but friendly

This workshop was prepared as part of our Erasmus+ project “Young journalists of today – responsible citizens of tomorrow” . /Karla Kos, 6. a; photo: S.L./

Workshop in class 6A
Workshop in class 6A
Workshop in class 7A – 16. 2. 2021.
Workshop in class 7A – 16. 2. 2021.

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