Due to the Coronavirus, the Croatian journalistic section started to work online

Via Skype, the app for video conferences, on Saturday (September 19th) we had our first journalistic group meeting in this school year.

This way of working is new for us. But given the fact that in our group we have students from different classes, we have to follow the recommendations from the Civil Protection Headquarters regarding the Covid-19 and meet online.

As Skype enables us to see and hear each other, we could work almost as usual. Ask questions, give comments, and by screen sharing option, we could all see presentations and other content.

Nevertheless, when we are all at home and everything is online that is not quite like when we gather and hang out before and after our journalistic group. But, it is what it is, and I guess this pandemic can’t last forever. /Valerija Puškar, 6.b; foto: S. L./

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