Alexandria local elections

This year, on September 27, 2020, the local elections took place in my town. Citizens with the right to vote have elected their leaders for the next four years. Ten candidates, including an independent, ran in the race for Alexandria City Hall in the local elections. Valentina Veronica Mitran Piticu – PNL, Delcea Olivian Victor – Pro Romania, Marius Badea Rivera – ALDE, Ervin Zelch – PMP, Victor Dragusin – PSD, Cristian Bojan – PER, Alexandru Ionuţ Ionescu – PPUSL, Marinescu Decebal Dimitrie – GOLD, Sorin Sferle – USR PLUS, Dan George Dobre – independent.

The elections started at 7:00 and ended at 21:00. People over the age of 18 were able to go to the polls, including those who turned 18 on election day. In elections, voters were entitled to one vote.

They could only vote at the polling stations where they were placed. Alexandria had 41,735 voters registered.

Given that we are in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, election day was different from what we were used to. The Ministry of Internal Affairs established, by Government Decision, rules at the polls and in the polling stations. A maximum of five voters had access to the polling station at the same time, who were forced to disinfect their hands and wear masks.

Wearing a face mask, so as to cover the nose and mouth, was mandatory for the rest of the participants in the electoral process. At the same time, it was provided to ensure the physical distance of at least 1 meter between the participants in the electoral process, the periodic disinfection after each direct contact with other people of the hands of the participants in the electoral process, but also the disinfection of polling stations.

PSD candidate Victor Dragusin won the position of mayor in Alexandria with a number of 7,485 votes, which means 50.56% of the total of 14,804 valid votes cast. The PNL candidate Mitran-Piticu Valentina-Veronica was on the second place, with 4,325 votes (29.21%). In the Alexandria Local Council, PSD will have 11 seats, and PNL eight seats.

Author Bogdan Păunică– 5 A


The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper MEDIA GENER@TION

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