Online workshop on informational titles and clickbait

The students of the 7th grade B from the “Mihai Eminescu” Secondary School in Alexandria within the Erasmus + Project “Young journalists of today – responsible digital citizens of tomorrow”, under the coordination of Voicu-Popescu Corina and Groseanu-Lungu Gina, participated in October 29, 2020 at a workshop on informative titles and clickbait.

In the activity, students learned what informative titles are, how to write a title correctly, so as to attract more readers, the importance of subtitles and supertitles in an article. They compared articles with news headlines and sensational headlines highlighting the desire of journalists to attract as many readers as possible using sensational headlines.

Articles from the Teleormanul newspaper’s website were taken for analysis, following the aspects presented above.

The students made appreciations on the components of the articles and sketched some key observations that were debated.

Following the activity, the students presented feedback:

The student Ionița Liviu mentions: “The activity was very interesting and now I know how to avoid the error given by a bait title. From now on we will know how to choose the right title for the articles we will write in the school newspaper. ”

The student Desculțu Miruna says: “We must not always give credence to the title of an article, because very often the content of the article is not in accordance with the title”.

Regarding the coordination of the workshop, the student Drăghici Octavian points out: “We thank teachers Groseanu and Voicu for their involvement and concern that we have a media education, to be able to differentiate between a bait title and a real title!”.

Author:  Grosenau Teodora – VII B

Photo: Draghici Octavian – VII B

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