Seventh graders did a role-play and tried to deal with digital drama

Students from 7. bworkshop at 28 October 2020

Some of us were good, and some were bad guys in this digital drama that revolved around one very exemplary girl. She stood out from others by what she wore, by being fluent in two languages, by frequent trips with her parents, and by praised journalistic articles. The spark that started the fire of negative comments on Facebook was her homeroom teacher’s praise in front of the whole class for her last article in the school newspaper.

In this digital drama, we the students from 7 B, did not really participate. This role-play scenario served us only for Erasmus+ workshop ˝Digital dram: and dealing with conflicts˝ to see how to deal with digital drama.

Workshops in 7. a class – at 29 Otober 2020
Workshop in 6. a class – at 3 December 2020

After playing this game and watching the film where our peers talk about strategies for resolving digital drama, we have concluded that it is best to discuss things with your friends in person. However, if we do interact with discussions online we have to be careful not to insult anyone. All teams in our workshop had that conclusion. Group whose members were Petra, Lana, Patricia, and Tihana at the end of this the game had a message for everyone: ˝Just imagine that you are in the place of  a person who is being insulted with the mean comments˝. /Ivona Siladi, 7.b; foto: S.L./    

Students from 7. b class
Students from 7. b class
Students from 7. b class
Students from 7. b class

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