A digital citizen is one who uses the Internet in an ethical and responsible way

Workshop in 7.b class – 4th November 2020

Elementary schools Horvati and Bukovac were badly damaged in the earthquake in March. Parents of the students want their children to attend classes in adequate conditions so they started the petition* in May to build the new schools. (*Petition is a formal written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority in respect of a particular cause.)

They didn’t collect signatures for their petition on streets and city squares, but they have made online petitions.

Workshop in 8. b class – 11 November 2020
Workshop in 7.b class

We had a chance to see their petitions during our Erasmus+ workshop Digital citizenship because our task was to find apps that enable creating online petitions. During the workshop held on the 4th of November, we have also heard about the E-CITIZEN system. That is an online database that serves citizens to acquire documents, confirmations, and to communicate with the public sector without standing in lines and going to different offices. Citizens can get their birth certificates, reminders for medical check-ups or car registrations, and other useful things.

These are just a few of many Internet possibilities that can help all of us to make our voices heard and to be active citizens. To earn the title of digital citizens we have to use the Internet in a responsible and ethical way. We should know how to protect our privacy and our rights as well as the rights of others in the digital world and we should use the possibilities of the Internet to advance our society. And of course, we should always learn about new possibilities of the Internet like we have learned in this workshop. /Lorena Tremski, 7.b; photo: S. L./

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