Film “Jelena and Jana” takes the first and second prize at the 58th Croatian Children’s Film Festival

First prize from the grand jury comes with six days film workshop in Kraljevica for one member of the film section

Film Jelena and Jana by the authors Luka Šok and Lea Harča, was awarded with two prizes in the reportage category during the 58th Croatian Children’s Film Festival. Our film got the first prize by the grand jury and the second prize by the children’s jury.

Seemingly unusual friendship between one girl and her elderly neighbour is slowly explained through a few layers. The charm of this reportage is indeed in those layers in which we can find not only a message of importance to helping the elderly but also about the values of mutual understanding, closeness, and respect – stands in the grand jury prize explanation. Members of the grand jury were: director Čejn Černić Čanak, animator Petra Zlonoga and journalist and advisor in the Children’s ombudsman office Maja Flego.

Member of the grand jury Maja Flego read the explanation for the prize in the TV reportage category

Maja Flego – member of jury

The review was held on the island of Mali Lošinj from 1st to 4th of October, but because of the Covid pandemic students, creators of the films weren’t present there. Only the grand jury and video streaming crew were there. This year 245 films applied for the review, and 86 were chosen to be in the run for prizes. Along with Jelena and Jana, our film section sent one more of our films, Volunteer camp 2019 – Križevci by the authors Marko Puškar, Karla Ferenčak, and Mihaela Pacur. All of the films in the competing part of the review can be watched on the website of the Croatian film association HRVATSKI FILMSKI SAVEZ.

Along with the diploma and trophy for the first prize from the grand jury also goes a free six days film workshop in Kraljevica for one member of the film section. Workshops will be held in July of 2021. The mentor of the film section is librarian Stojanka Lesički. /Valerija Puškar 6B; photo: screenshot from the Review closing ceremony/Valerija Puškar, 6.b/

The original article is available in the school digital magazine KLINČEK.

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