Ideal teacher

Be a teacher today. Nevertheless teachers can and must improve their teaching. They must evolve and absorb the modern communication techniques; they must be accurate, creative, engaging. But, above all, they must be motivated, passionate about their work; a difficult task and fundamental to society.

We could begin with the idea of a “model school”: it provides safe buildings, comfortable chairs, and spacious classrooms, up to 20 students per class, a well-prepared and upgraded staff of teachers, complex and various teaching resources. It is a school that does not leave anyone behind because it is organized to get the best out of each and everyone.

School must be – today – more serious than ever. It must become an alternative to the contradictory world in which we live, to be able to make the students feel safe, to “re-educate” children and young people to study, to engage and strive 

Teaching is not easy, but we must think about what teachers “have to do”, rather than blame what goes wrong on students or on parents and society. 

Here’s some advice on how to manage classes, even the most difficult ones, how to attract and keep students attentive, how to gain the indispensable authority, how to motivate students.

  • First, give and then ask: give pupils respect, attention, consistency, and understanding. 
    • You first!
  • Be enthusiastic when entering the class: enthusiasm is contagious. 
  • Remember that difficult teens are your students too: they are not rude, but ill-educated; 
  • They need help more than others!
  • Always be prepared for questions. 
  • Upgrade, read, study, discuss!
  • Make the students feel you want to help to learn and that you are interested. 
    • Let them know!
  • Give priority to concepts and methods.
    • Good content is also found on the web.
  • The perfect lesson is the one you develop with the students. It’s a dialogue, not a monologue. There is no learning without participating!
  • To be authoritative you must be prepared and earn the trust and respect of the students.

A teacher must teach how to learn. A teacher must love to teach. A person cannot become teacher by default.

Author: Groseanu-Lungu Teodora-Eva– VII B

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper MEDIA GENER@TION


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