December 1st

December 1, for us, the Romanian people, means: happiness, joy, all the feelings that can express pride in our country. A country that, in time, has gone through many but all the pain and suffering disappears when, on December 1, Romanians gather in front of the TV, or go on the spot and watch, with their hands on their hearts and tears in their eyes , “December 1st Parade.”

       What does December 1 mean?

Maybe some people ask themselves: “Why this day?”, Because on December 1, 1918, in Alba Iulia, the “Great Union” of Bukovina, Bessarabia and Transylvania with the Kingdom of Romania took place, made under the leadership of King Ferdinand de Hohenzollern.

Indeed, their union was made for the first time in 1600, by  Michael the Brave, but lasted only until 1601.

      How do we celebrate December 1st?

Usually, every year, we, as a people, celebrate December 1 through the so-called “December 1 Parade” or in short, we celebrate this day by participating in the military parade. I usually say because this year, the Covid-19 pandemic took the joy out of us to participate in the parade. I am convinced that most of us hope that this special day for the Romanian people will be like a bandage put on the wounds caused by the SARS COV2 virus. But the news that the parade will be held without spectators fell like lightning on Romanians from all over the country. Yes, the parade was held, but not traditionally, it was not like in other years, when Romanian soldiers marched around the Arc de Triomphe, and fighter planes flew over the sky and split the clouds into smaller pieces.

For me, Romanian baby, the fact that December 1st could no longer be celebrated and honored properly left me with a bitter taste, but I was left with the hope in my soul that next year I will be with safe, present at the Arc de Triomphe on December 1! /Ioniță Liviu, VII-B/

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper MEDIA GENER@TION

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