The students from primary school “Ljuben Lape” learned about the power of the image

The workshop “Image power”, which is part of our Erasmus+ KA229 project “Young journalists today – responsible digital citizens tomorrow, was held on 18.12.2020 with the students from IV-1 grade from the primary school “Ljuben Lape”, Skopje. The aim was to broaden the impact of our project by organizing some of our workshops with students and teachers from other schools in the country. The workshop was organized online by the classroom teacher, Magdalena Petreska from our school, during their home classroom lesson with a previous agreement with the classroom teacher Emilija Pap.

The aim of this workshop was for students and teacher to review photos together and explain the meaning of the photos in the transfer of media message. The participants of the workshop bacome more aware that every photo has a designated message and that the understanding of the photo depends on the personal experiences, values, and beliefs of the person.

After presenting all the facts and information through the presentation, the students understood the two types of editing, technical and creative editing and through the prepared tasks, they got the chance to implement what they have learnt. Through the given examples of photos, they expressed their opinion on whether the images were taken accidentally or with a well-defined purpose, whether the photo is real or edited, whether the photo was taken with a well-defined purpose or by accident and whether there was a technical or creative editing of the photo.

Author: Madgalena Petreska, classroom teacher

Photos: screenshots from the online lesson

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator 


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