My passion

My name is Gănescu Alexia Maria. I am an 8th grade student at the “Mihai Eminescu” Gymnasium School in Alexandria. I am honored to write an article for our school newspaper. I really enjoy reading and writing, so I decided to I create a blog where I can share my passion and try to make other people love reading. At the beginning of the summer vacation, when I received the merit scholarship, I managed to buy a field and started working there. It took me a while to get used to all the programs and functions that those applications offer me, but I also had fun learning all this.

My first review is of the book “Miracle” written by RJ Palacio, a very well structured book, with an impressive lesson about the acceptance of people with disabilities, which is worth reading by anyone. Along the way, I started writing interviews with contemporary Romanian authors. I have also posted articles for students, with theory for the Romanian language, from what I have studied at school so far. something and I found it an interesting idea and, at the same time, a challenge for me.

Currently, I have posted about 40 articles, which I have worked on wholeheartedly and I am very happy when I see people who appreciate my work. You can find me on Google by typing: Here you will find reviews for books of all kinds.

I mention that it is not easy to maintain such a page, to be active, to choose your words, not to reveal something essential from the book you are reviewing, to keep in touch with the followers, etc.

Shortly after creating the blog, I created an Instagram account, thus entering the bookstagram community, where I met special people and made good friends. On Instagram, my name is @alexiabooks_. Here I keep my followers up to date with everything I read and what books appear in my library. I regularly organize giveaways, during which participants can win nice prizes. I post artistic pictures of the books I read and make recommendations to those who ask me to. Through Instagram, I managed to get some collaborations with their authors or agents, who sent me free books to review. I am very happy because my blog has registered 1000 visitors and I thank those who are already following my activity there and you helped me get to this point. During school I post an article a week, and during the holidays two or even three a week.

Also, on the Instagram page, but also on the blog, you will find links that, if you access them, you can benefit from the best offers for books and more.

Out of a desire to improve my knowledge, I started reading in English and I will create a special category for reviews of these books, because I know that many people read in foreign languages, especially English and I want to be on my page something for everyone.

Thank you for reading the short story of my blog, and if you need a book recommendation or to get to know us better, you can contact me on my Instagram page I mentioned above.

Author : Alexia Gănescu, 8 A; photo Alexia Gănescu

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper MEDIA GENER@TION

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