The ninth graders debated about the manipulation instruments in the media

On 14.12.2020 during our classroom lesson in IX-1 grade, we learnt about “Manipulation instruments in the media” through the workshop which is part of our Erasmus+ KA229 project “Young journalists today – responsible digital citizens tomorrow”. The workshop was held online by our home classroom teacher, Tina Simikj Ackovska. The aim of this workshop was for us to explore the concepts of manipulation through the media and to be able to recognize them through different techniques for checking facts.

In the first part, we got familiar with the general information about manipulation. A manipulation happens when the social actor is forces to think or act in accordance with the initiator’s interests and not in accordance with his/her own interests by using techniques that intentionally distort the truth, leaving the impression of freedom of thought and decision-taking.

Sometimes journalists manipulate people for different reasons such as money, popularity etc. This does not only happen in our country but also all around the world, especially in countries with authoritarian political regimes or a fragile democracy, where people interested in politics or business use the media they own to manipulate public opinion in their own interest.

During the workshop, we watched a video in which certain types of manipulations were described. After that we held a debate on the topic “The obligation to wear school uniforms” where some students were in the role of journalists and others were the public.

The manipulation from the mass media can sometimes change the opinion of the people and their way of thinking if something is good or bad. From the workshop, we concluded that we shouldn’t always trust all the information that we hear/read because it can influence the way we think.

Author: Nena Miceva IX-1

photos: screenshots from the online lesson

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator 

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