The ninth graders learnt how deal with Fake news

On 16.12.2020 during our classroom lesson in IX-3 grade, we learnt how to deal with Fake news through the workshop which is part of our Erasmus+ KA229 project “Young journalists today – responsible digital citizens tomorrow”. The workshop was held online by our home classroom teacher, Elena Kuzmanovska.

At the beginning of the workshop, we discussed few questions that are connected with the ways we get information and news on daily basis. After we discussed our answers, we concluded that on today’s media platforms people are more likely to come to or be faced with fake or false information and news than in the past. This is why this workshop can help us how to differentiate fake information from real information. Before we could learn about the differences, we learnt about the role of the fake news and concluded that way to fight fake news on social media we need to understand the purpose of the platform. Most media platforms make money from selling advertisements to companies and this is the reason why we are often presented with adds that are tailored to our interests.

After we learnt about fake news, our next task was to analyses the differences between fake and real information and what we need to look for when we read the news. With the help of few interesting games, we succeeded in our task by using the following strategies: first, we need to look at the source of the information and understand if it’s reliable; secondly we need to read beyond the headline and check the publishing date. In the end of the workshop, we concluded that we managed to succeed in our task to learn about fake news because we showed good results in the tasks.   

Author: Gala Dodevska IX-3

Photos: screenshoots from the online lesson  

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator 

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