Fake news

Warkshop was held on 9 December 2020

Fake news is not the truth. They were created in order to attract as many readers as possible, to access some content on the Internet or on the site, so they can click on that content and thus bring profit to the authors of the site. There are many newspapers and internet portals in Serbia that place fake news, and the purpose of their publication, sometimes, is not only advertising, but also the influence that this news can have on public opinion. 

It is known that once something is posted on the Internet, it always stays there, and that any denial cannot be as loud as the news that was first published, even if it was fake. There are several searchers or portals that “hunt” fake news, so you can easily check on the Internet whether the information you are reading is correct or not. If there is something in the title that is SHOCKING and SENSATIONAL, it is almost certainly news that is not real. Use your logic, because if you read something that is meaningless and unbelievable, it will be fake news rather than real news.

This month, we had a workshop on this topic, which was held online by our teacher Aleksandra Milutinović. To attract us, she used a trick. She announced the workshop as an event where we can find out if it is true that Santa Claus received permission this year to move around the world and distribute packages to children, regardless of the corona virus pandemic. However, that was not fake news. Indeed, at the end of the workshop, we learned that Santa Claus in Ireland was allowed to move, but an MP in their assembly asked the children not to be in their living rooms where there is a Christmas tree while Santa Claus brings them presents, but to sleep, so as not to meet Santa Claus and put him and themselves at risk. 

You can find the presentation about fake news on the link: https://prezi.com/mkrkvrw7u51p/presentation/

The site through which you can check whether the news you are reading is fake or real is:

Author: Sanja Ivanović

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper ĐAČKA ISKRA


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