The smile on the faces of children from Ćićevac is bigger this year than ever

In a few days, the New Year is coming, the time when Santa Claus leaves his house at the North Pole and comes to children’s homes around the world. “Santa needs help”, say the good people from “Okular” who organized an awesome action of collecting presents for children this year!

The collecting of donations in order to make presents officially started on the 5th and ended on the 25th of December. In cooperation with the organization “Smile as a gift”, seventy packages were made, and more than a hundred donors participated in the humanitarian action! Donations could be delivered to the stand in front of “Okular”, but that was not the only way for someone to show their kindness. This is shown by the fact that donations arrived even when the stand was not set. Moreover, we had a case when a family from Switzerland remembered their homeland and decided to help make children from Ćićevac smile. Among the local donors are the staff of our Post office and many others.  This year, the action went more than great, we are proud of our “Okular”, which has been making the youngest members of our community happy for a couple of years now.

The citizens of the municipality of Ćićevac have shown that they have a good soul. We have to admit that the thought of seventy children rejoicing in presents this year really warms the heart. 

Thank you all, this year you were someone’s Santa!

Author: Mina Stojanović

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper ĐAČKA ISKRA

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