What does Andrea Fabrić’s statement say about covert advertising in influencers’ content?

We have already written about how there are a lot of covert advertisements among influencer’s posts, and to re-address this topic, we were cited by an article published recently on the portal  RTL.HR.

The article says that the famous Croatian influencer Andrea Fabrić boasted on TikTok that she earned over 18,000 HRK in November, and  another 51,000 HRK should arrive after remuneration. In this announcement she also gave a clarification and wrote that an influencer with 10,000 followers can charge 100 EUR for a post about a product, and about 150 EUR for a post and a story. She also cited data for post prices for influencers with a larger number of followers, and for the purposes of this text, we will single out only information for influencerswith 150 to 200 thousand followers. They, Fabric argues, can ask for 6,000 to 8,000 HRK per publication.

It should be noted that these prices  apply to  Croatia, and in the world, they are even higher. An example of this is  a statement by Jeffree  Star, which we mentioned in the article entitled “Advertisers who covertly advertise in influencer’s content, use the naivete of children”.  

That all  those  who  need   advertising for a product or service  are  increasingly  aware of   the impact of advertising through  influencers  and that they are increasingly using  it is also evident from articles like this one on the blog RENTLIO. In their  article,  they give  advice on what kind of influencers to choose to  propagate  travel  and  services in tourism. There are  also  mentions  of “small  guidelines”  to be given  to  influencers. This can only mean that  the influencers’ opinion of  a product, mentioned in the post, can be in line with the wishes of whoever  orders the advertisement. This article, published in April 2020, also states that by the end of 2022 the value of this type of marketing, i.e. through social media influencers, will be as much as $15 billion, and by the end  of 2020 it ‘ll  be  worth $6 billion.

Keep in mind this information mentioned above when you read the posts of your favorite influencers and think carefully about the goal of their posts by drawing attention to  a  product and directing your consumer habits. To encourage  you, even more, to think about  the problem of   covert advertising in influencer  content,   we also recommend you  read the text of the Deutsche Welle  portal titled  “INFLUENCERS” – SOCIAL NETWORK PROSTITUTES?”. “ /Lorena  Benčak,8.b; photos downloaded from Internet /

The original article is available in the school digital magazine KLINČEK.

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