“Govorko” – a tool for easier communication for children with speech disabilities

The application “Govorko” is created by students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Information Technologies together with the Association “Open your windows” and the Association “Kreativa Istok”

The creation of the app started in 2019. The first one that started working on this project was Gjorgji Smilevski, who made the first version of the app. The aims of this app was to create a tool that will help the integration of people with disabilities. 

The app is used for easier expression of thoughts, feelings and needs of children with special needs. The way the app works is that there are special voice recordings. For each recording there is a male and female voice version. In order for users to make a voice message, fields with different words and pictures appear in the app. If you press any of the fields, you can listen to the voice recording. This app is made for people with speech disabilities, people with cerebral palsy as well as people with intellectual disabilities and people who have difficulties with their speech due to head or brain injuries. 

At the moment, the app is available in Macedonian for Android users, but the creators are working on the possibility for the app to be available in other languages as well as Apple users.  

The second version of the application as well as the present development is made possible because of the work of the four students from Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The professor, Branislav Gerazov, said that the students made a scientific study that was accepted for presentation. 

Until now, there wasn’t any communicator in Macedonian even though one was needed for communication for people with special needs. Until now, they used to use speech boards that were very expensive because they were not available on the Macedonian market and were difficult to acquire.  

When the app was tested, many children who had speech imperilments reacted positively to the app “Govorko”. The older children used the app to express their thoughts, while the younger ones used it to name terms from everyday life. 

With the introduction of this app in Macedonia, the collaboration for people with disabilities will be made easy and at the same time their communication in everyday life will be enabled because they can express their thoughts and feelings. 

Author: A. Dzukovska (9-1) 

Photos: internet  

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper  L.A. IN-formator

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